Prof. Dr. Daniel Hajok

Phenomenon Digitization

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hajok

  • born in 1970
  • Communication and media scientist
  • 1997 to 2004 scientific work at the University of Leipzig and FU Berlin
  • Then freelance reviewer, empiricist, lecturer and author
  • Founding member of the Working Group Childhood, Youth and New Media (AKJM)
  • long-standing member of the Complaints Committee and the Expert Commission of the Voluntary Self-Regulation Multimedia Service Providers e.V. (FSM)
  • Since 2018 honorary professor at the University of Erfurt
  • Main areas of work: Media, society and social work, protection of children and youth in the media, media education and media education
  • Conception and implementation of various research projects, guest lectures and teaching assignments at various colleges and universities
  • Lecturer in further education and training as well as expertises, reports, reviews and numerous technical contributions, especially in the area of conflict “Childhood – Youth – Media”

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